Oracle Services

Oracle applications are known to improve process performance so you can better predict the outcomes of your business activities and implement strategic changes, in accordance with your goals. We offer end-to-end Oracle consulting services to optimize and enhance the speed and agility of your business processes. We are an Oracle Gold Partner, with extensive product knowledge and specialization, as well as wide-ranging industry knowledge.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Our implementation and deployment of Oracle E-Business Suite helps businesses manage their complex business environments with various built-in components offered by the Oracle E-Business Suite. Being an authorized Oracle Gold Partner helps us to be on top of all technology advancements relating to Oracle E-Business Suite.

We have capabilities to offer solutions for various functions that include: 

  • Finacial Managment.
  • Project Management.
  • Human Capital Management.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Service Management.




Oracle CPQ Cloud

We implement modern best industry practices in CPQ cloud and ensure CPQ has the answers to the customer’s explicit and implicit requirements. We help our customers to survive and grow in the new digital age by reducing time and complexity, thereby maximize internal and external system adoption.

We are focused on delivering a superior customer experience throughout our engagement with greater accuracy.

SRI follows an agile scrum based methodology, with its experience in various domains. We integrate Oracle CPQ with other CRM components and ERP systems, using out-of-the-box or middleware solutions.

We design and improve the development of CPQ cloud by following the standard practices, we have a multi-skilled and certified team of Oracle CPQ cloud, EBS, UI/UX, JS/JQuery and CRM.

  • Configure.
  • Price.
  • Quote.





Key Differentiators

  • Competency

    High level of competency in offering extended support to top Oracle products.

  • Best Practices

    Enterprise architecture best practices across multiple domains.

  • Engagement Models

    Enterprise architecture best practices across multiple domains.

  • Support Services

    We offer reliable and scalable On-demand Support Services

MicroSoft Service

Microsoft software solutions help bring your teams together, for a collaborative and productive work experience, while simultaneously helping them structure and process their information effectively, for better results. They also offer an agile working framework that helps them quickly respond and evolve with the changing environment, no matter what their business size, industry or speciality.  We are Microsoft Application Gold Partners and preferred partners of choice for, and will support your business with information, guidance and implementation services for a successful technology adoption.

Organisations have leveraged our domain experience across Microsoft Technologies to transform their IT solutions.

Our expertise:


Mobile app development using Xamarin tools enable developers to build native applications for Android, iOS & Windows using native interfaces & elements through a single code base. This in turn reduces development timelines, costs & overheads managing mobile platforms making mobile technologies more efficient for organisations and increasing profitability.

Why choose Xamarin?
  • Single code base to manage all 3 application build – Android, iOS & Windows.
  • Uses native UI elements to give a native app feel.
  • Save on expansive development teams & extended development timelines.
  • Compatible with both Windows & Mac OS development environments.
  • Diverse component store with controls, web APIs, plugins to extend on the functionality of your applications.
  • C# shared codebase, enables to build on visual studio & out of the box interfacing with Microsoft Azure administrations.

Open Source

Open Source Technologies enable enterprises to benefit from rapidly growing technologies, minimise technology solutions costs while improving productivity and be on the cutting edge of technological solutions. Open Source Technologies have transformed the way products / solutions are built, deployed & managed. With huge communities behind the most popular open source technologies, enterprises can benefit greatly from real time upgrades, security patches & ultimately constantly evolving application development cycles keeping their solutions up to data.

With a hugely experienced team working on open source technologies building solutions across industry verticals & functions, we provide consulting, development & support services across a host of open source technologies & solutions in the industry.


  • Technology Analysis & Architecture Consulting.
  • Systems/ Product Strategy.
  • Software & Web Development.
  • Support & Maintenance.


Key Competencies in Open Source
  • Content Management Systems.
  • E-Commerce Solutions.
  • CRM & Functional Solutions.
  • E-Learning.
  • Development Frameworks.
  • Database Administration & Management.
  • MEAN Stack Expertise.