Application Development

We offer an integrated, full-stack development approach to software, beginning with a thorough understanding of your business needs, an analysis of the latest technology that could improve your performance and a seamless, integrated implementation.

We understand that every business is uniquely complex, and believe that technology could bring simplicity and elegance to your processes. Our expertise ranges from mobile to web technology in the front-end to middleware platform developments and backend server development. We also offer internal and third party integrations, cloud deployments and on-premise deployments with end-to-end maintenance support and complete accountability.


  • Application architecture

    We carefully analyse your business’ existing working model - processes as well as technology, and create a custom solution to suit your very need.

  • End-to-end application development

    Right from understanding your requirements to launching the software and maintaining it, we take responsibility for the entire process.

  • Cloud deployments

    We create cloud based solutions across platforms - AWS, Google Drive, Azure etc., and help you maintain them with our 24x7 product support and customer care teams.

  • Flexibility and maintenance

    Seamlessly upgrade or downgrade your product offering, based on requirement and benefit from hassle-free enhancements, fixes and support for new OS versions, on the move.

Concept UX Design

Elegant design that works well.

We believe design is more than just an esthetically pleasing visual. In the digital world, good design is functional. With an innovative and open-minded approach to design, our creators build brilliant design solutions, helping businesses position effectively in the marketspace.

We tailor solutions that fit your requirement, whether it is branding, lead generation, awareness building, call-to-action based design, or straightforward information sharing. We focus on creating a zero-hassle experience for your customer – so you enjoy better engaged clients, higher loyalty and improved sales.

  • New and innovative ideas

    We come up with new and unique ideas that reflect your personality and brand’s image to the world, and effectively helps you communicate with your customers and other stakeholders.

  • Re-design

    We help upgrade and modernize entire applications to make them more efficient and productive both from a user-experience standpoint, as well as from a market outreach standpoint for you, as a business.

  • Prototyping

    With easy-to-understand wireframes and prototype designs, we help you make the right choice for how a customer should interact with your application whether it is mobile, web or offline based on the brand experience you aim at providing. We help design elegant & efficient user experiences.

  • Promotions and creative artworks

    Looking to launch your brand in the digital world? You will find in us, all the support and guidance you need to create creative and striking artworks that will not only attract user attention, but also retain it and engage customers to the expected CTAs.

Mobility Solutions

In today’s increasingly mobile world, it is extremely risky to miss a business opportunity that is driven via smartphone technology. Whether it is location-mapped advertising, or mobile applications we are equipped with qualified and passionate teams to create the perfect solution for you.

  • From ideation to launch

    We listen to your need and make a thorough analysis of how mobility could work for you. We work from the very beginning - in proposing innovative ideas to help you understand the plethora of opportunities ahead of you. We work as consultants and partners to create a mobility roadmap, for a positive impact on your business. We lead your mobility program through it's every phase to delivery the end result including their launch on public stores.

  • Mobile application development

    Our teams specialize across platforms for mobile application delivery. We have worked extensively on Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems and hold a strong grasp over application building using native, hybrid (Cordova, PhoneGap) and cross-platform natively compiled application frameworks such as Xamarin and ReactNative.

  • App localization

    We help customize applications to maximize reach in local markets, across the world. So regardless of where you would like to take your business, we are there to help you gain more downloads and user loyalty.

  • App analytics

    Our engineers have worked extensively on Firebase analytics and understand how user experience data can help understand the market as well as improve customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Cloud deployments

    We offer expertise and support for deployment and hosting of your product on cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or other on-premise hosting. With round-the-clock support for the server deployment, we make sure you get a world-class experience using solutions on the cloud.

Professional Services

To any organization people drive the growth and are integral part to an organization Success. When disruption is going beyond boundaries on the Technology front it is important to have the necessary skilled resources to enable the Business Growth.

At Strategic International we are an extended Employees of our client organization by not only helping them in with Highly skilled employees but also enabling them to reduce cost by building Near-Shore Offshore capabilities.


Below are few areas where our client benefitted
  1. Increased profits by minimizing cost on resources.
  2. Operational efficiencies by removing VISA issues for Expatriates.
  3. Building new technological capabilities 4 week for any technology.
  4. Team Management & Engagement.

At Strategic Resource International we help client enable on all technologies including the cutting latest edge like AI, ML, Big Data Analytics to Enterprises like Oracle, Microsoft  to Open Sources like Zend etc.

Feel free to connect with our experts who can help you in developing your offshore team.

Cloud Solutions

Business and Business users are demanding increased flexibility, elasticity & Accessibility to cater to inorganic growth and demand. The explosive growth of virtualization in technology is creating new opportunities for enterprises to faster their GTM and increased ROI.

With our Multiple cloud Implementation and Migration services organizations can realize faster time to market, increased efficiency and reduced cost. May it be Private cloud for an Open source or for an enterprise.

  • Assessment

    • Process Improvements
    • Defining Processes
    • Defining Goals
    • Devops
    • SLA Finalizations

  • Implementation

    • Proof Of Concept
    • Deploy Solutions
    • Test Solution
    • Track Performance
    • Work on quality based on Performance

  • Management

    • SLA Maintenance

  • CLoud Solutions

    • Operations Cost Reductions
    • Optimization in Work Loads
    • Business Standards and Security Compliant
    • Service Management is SLA Driven

  • Open Source

    • Web Application Frameworks
    • Open Source Mobility Solutions
    • Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions

Analytics Solutions

 Transform to an Intelligent Enterprise & unleash data driven innovation with our Analytical Capability and stay ahead Exponential Growth.

With Strategic Resource International Analytical Capability, you completely can rely and stay ahead embracing growth trajectory by deftly creating culture of data and using insights to increase customer experience and innovative Business Models.

Our team of Multi skilled consultants, Data Scientists and Analysts will help in every phase.

  •  Descriptive

    Understanding the Trends

  • Diagnostic

    Knowing on the consumptions

  • Predictive

    Helps in decision making

  • Prescriptive

    Measuring and Acting based on goals