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Utilizing the industry-leading enterprise cloud marketplace Oracle CRM , extend the reach of your Salesforce platform. Get the best AppExchange applications by selecting us as your Oracle CRM partner.

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Easy to use Oracle CRM

Salesforce platform has grown tremendously over the years and companies have created custom tools to enhance the Salesforce platform as per their need. AppExchange has allowed those companies to share it with others and generate revenue. Companies have even started developing apps only for the AppExchange ecosystem to help companies who use the Salesforce platform to get more advantages.

As an authorized Salesforce partner, we recognize how critical it is for you to enhance your company operations on the Salesforce platform. To assist you, we offer reliable Appexchange app development solutions that enable you to showcase your business apps on this leading app marketplace. We have a committed team of Salesforce appexchange developers and consultants available to assist you with the development and smooth deployment of your stand-alone applications on this platform.

Oracle CRM Solutions at SRI

Our wide variety of Oracle CRM Services will help your company grow to new heights.

Operational CRM

Our experts are here to help you find the best solutions, whether it’s road map evaluation, business goals, or solution recommendations.

Analytical CRM

Understanding present business processes, leveraging Salesforce to transform digital journey, and digitizing user experiences.

Collaborative CRM

We work closely with you to develop Salesforce Appexchange applications that are extremely compatible and customizable for mobile devices.

Mobile CRM

Whether it’s appexchange publishing, market strategy, or listing support, you’ll find a wide selection of services with us. 


Our security professionals regularly undertake internal security evaluations and audits to maintain the efficient running of the Salesforce platform.

B2B & B2C

No matter how complex the problems are, our specialists will fully comprehend them and provide you with the best solutions.

Benefits of Oracle CRM

Developing Salesforce AppExchange Applications offers significant advantages, such as the ability to not just enhance business productivity and efficiency, but also to optimize business operations.

Our Salesforce App Exchange impact

Execute efficiently

The premier Salesforce events app can assist you with the numerous aspects of event planning while leveraging Salesforce data.

Quick & secured Integrations

Salesforce integration with native-cloud, low-code integration platforms can assist organizations in managing their customer data & establishing seamless social media connections.

Automated lead Generating

Applications from the AppExchange can offer lead routing and workflow to automatically allocate leads based on a variety of criteria, even when handling contingencies.

Manage & track projects

With the project management-focused AppExchange app, you can consolidate reporting, initiate workflows based on triggers and manage projects.

Why choose SRI for Oracle Intergration?

Offering best digital experiences to assist you in engaging your clients and meeting your business objectives

Easy Enquiries

Uncover and pick up best practices from other Salesforce partners. You’ll discover which route to choose while creating apps is best for you.

Manage Customer data

It’s time to get building and work with us to make your concept a reality. To create your app or connection, register for a free Development Edition

Sales process Automation

Managed packages enable the delivery of seamless upgrades, protect intellectual property, and facilitate licensing enforcement features.

Marketing Campaigns

An engaging AppExchange listing explains your value to buyers through demos, screenshots, price, and even on-the-spot trials or installs.

Alligned Sales & Marketing

Building trust with Salesforce customers is facilitated by Security Review. To help you, Salesforce offers a wealth of free security resources.

SRI Oracle CRM Partnership

Delivering great digital experiences to help you engage the user and meet your business goals

Industries we are Serving

Delivering great digital experiences to help you engage the user and meet your business goals

Logistics & Distribution
Healthcare & medicare
Energy & Utilities
Education & E-learning
Retail & E-Commerce
Fintech & Insurance
Telecom & Media
Travel & Hospitality

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