Oracle APEX

Build apps on go

The advancement in technology is empowering people to excel in their skills. The enterprises earlier relied on IT staff to do any kind of IT work and with the increased knowledge of the staff, they are doing some basic activity by themself which has reduced the burden for IT staff. Currently, with the tools like Oracle APEX – low code platform, the business users can simply build the applications without much knowledge about the coding. This is creating a new wave in the market and helps every resource to be productive.

Strategic Resources International encourages using low code platforms to build easy to use applications where the existing data can be turned into insightful inputs for decision making. Even though using low code platforms with less coding applications be built, but it requires the technical acumen to use them. Strategic Resources International combines it technical acumen to praise the flexibility of Oracle APEX

We provide:

Modernizing Oracle Forms

Analytics or Reports built on existing data

Search/Filter your data

Customized Reports

Dynamic Charts

Responsive UI


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