Offshore Development Centre

Virtual Extension of Internal Process with Real Resources

With the evolution of technology and tools in the fast-paced environment and access to the talent available across the globe has created several options for the companies to leverage the network while optimizing the costs.

Strategic Resources International has R&D and Delivery centers equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure in the USA and India. We have been empowered by strong resources with varied skill sets. This helps to provide innovative and quality services and solutions to our clients across the globe.

We utilize our Offshore Development Centre (ODC) to deliver cost-efficient services to our clients and provide 24/7 support.

Offshore outsourcing has turned out to be an integral part of businesses, from startups to large corporations. ODC model is based on the same offshore outsourcing trend. It is a business engagement model involving dedicated people to work with the client and client’s team complementing and increasing their bandwidth in terms of skills, experience, and resources. The team for the ODC business model works from our site in a secure and separate environment.

Strategic Resources International creates a dedicated working space within the ODC based on the requirement of the client with restricted access to the assigned resources only.


Our value proposition of ODC includes

Availability of highly skilled resources

Protection of Intellectual Property

Virtual extension of client’s existing operating model

Dedicated Infrastructure & Resources

Ramp Up & Ramp Down of resources to meet the deadlines

Time zone advantage

Offshore Development Center Models

Strategic Resources International Managed ODC

We at Strategic Resources International take complete responsibility for the delivery of the project. Our resources closely work with the client’s project management team to ensure the quality of work.

Client Managed ODC

The Client works with Strategic Resources International’s Project Manager and monitors the day-to-day progress of the project. It acts as an extension to the client’s onshore/onsite team as the client controls the team responsible for project delivery.


Talk to our executive to know more about our ODC and how we can create value for your company.