Power BI, SQL &
.NET Core

Business Intelligence to prepare an intelligent enterprise

Microsoft has changed it gears from the past several years to serve the larger business community with different tools and technologies which would make more meaningful in this rapidly changing technology world. Power BI has proved its ability to provide business intelligence solutions for the complex problems with easy to handle functions which can be handled by non-technical resources to do their analysis on data with different options.

SQL Server is a very well know databases across the world. It has taken several shapes over the decades providing the latest features to users. It allowed enterprises to build strong information about their business, maintain the privacy and security of confidential information. The ability of the database to provide several features to create intelligence for enterprises is widely appreciated across the business community. Strategic Resources International has worked with SQL Server across several versions till the latest Azure SQL for the cloud world.

The launch of ASP.NET has created a radical shift in the industry towards web applications but the introduction of .NET Core has shifted the gears of Microsoft towards the future of technology with open-source capabilities. Strategic Resources International has helped several customers to develop their custom applications or the ISVs to build their products on .NET Core and have the freedom to choose the hosting and scalable options with the quality assured from Microsoft.


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