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Microsoft package: Power BI, SQL, Net Core

Power BI

Microsoft’s technology-driven business intelligence product, Power BI, analyzes and visualizes raw data to provide usable knowledge. Our experts will establish API links with your data sources, enabling you to get information from all pertinent sources and build a comprehensive understanding of your company. In order to ensure user uptake, we offer a number of hands-on workshops where we offer expert coaching, technical support, and Power BI best practices.


The world is highly familiar with the SQL Server database. Over the years, it has assumed several forms while offering users the latest features. The business world as a whole really appreciates the database’s capacity to offer a variety of features to generate intelligence for enterprises. Up until the most recent Azure SQL version for the cloud, we worked with SQL Server in a variety of versions.

Net Core

The launch of ASP.NET has created a radical shift in the industry towards web applications but the introduction of .NET Core has shifted the gears of Microsoft towards the future of technology with open-source capabilities. Strategic Resources International has helped several customers to develop their custom applications or the ISVs to build their products on .NET Core and have the freedom to choose the hosting and scalable options with the quality assured from Microsoft.

These days, NET services are highly popular. Web-based services and Windows-based services are both growing in popularity. Users don’t need to understand the specifics of implementation or how the services function in order to use them; they can do so with ease.

Advantages for Microsoft Packages

We are able to provide a significant, pleasant, effective, and engaging experience by putting user demands at the core of our application maintenance and support operations.

Precise Reporting

Users can personalize their reports and keep an eye on KPIs using various data sources. The most essential information is provided in real-time generated reports, which aid businesses in making quicker and wiser decisions.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Business intelligence software primarily assists businesses in learning more about both their customers and workers. BI gives you access to all the insights regarding customer behavior, user personas, and feedback.

Enhanced Growth Patterns

BI helps businesses uncover new opportunities and develop smarter plans, which gives them a competitive edge. With the aid of all the data, you may spot market trends and assist in raising the company’s profit margins.

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