The insurance industry globally has always been growing at a steady rate with expanding consumer segments, it has to modernize its tools & process to keep up with the demands & expectation of the modern consumer. The Industry is also highly regulated with a high level of compliances required for companies to follow while looking at modernizing its tools & processes. This makes for a tricky yet challenging opportunity for technology companies to step & bring innovation & modernization to the fore in this highly competitive industry. SRIUSA’s expertise & considerable experience of working in the industry makes it the right choice for providing modern & cutting edge technological solutions for Insurance companies across the globe.

Opportunities in Insurance
  • Competition: Insurance is becoming a fiercely competitive market when even the slightest edge makes the difference for customers to choose someone over you. It has become increasingly important to have a solid differentiation factor with respect to the competition. Technology can provide that edge in a world where it is increasingly a consumer driven market.
  • Data Security: With strict regulations in place to maintain data integrity & security, Insurance companies value their user data above everything. It is also highly pertinent that companies have in place well thought out defenses against the latest security threats in the market. New technology breakthroughs can provide such safe guards for companies & their data.
Our expertise

With prolific experience in working with companies in the industry, we are a proven company with the expertise & wherewithal to provide the best thought out solutions for problem areas. From digital transformation to specific solutions, SRI USA has the necessary skills to provide the best solutions.

  • Workflow Solution.
  • Web Applications & Products.
  • CRM Systems.
  • Legacy Applications porting.
  • Cloud adoption.
  • Custom development.


With health care costs rising everyday across the world, the need of the hour in the medical industry to increase efficiency, streamline operation to control costs & ensure that healthcare is affordable to everyone on the planet. Adopting technology as a part of the solution has already begin showing promising results in the sector & its effects are only bound to magnify in the future.

Opportunities in HealthCare
  • Process Management: Healthcare as an industry has been beset with poor operations & processes as a whole. IT intervention in this area will enable better processes with thorough checks, better inventory management & increase efficiencies as a whole for organization while reducing overhead expenses.
  • Preventative Care: People are looking to healthcare not just sickness or emergency situations but in a proactive manner to ensure a better quality of life for themselves. For organizations recognising this change in mindsets & adapting to provide more & meaningful information to users enables them to stand out in the crowd & increase their consumer base.
  • Managing Steep healthcare costs: The cost of healthcare for an indivudal has been on a steep incline for a while now. Prescriptions drug proces have shot up, in patient treatments is an expensive affair. Following through these areas & figuring out where technology can save costs will end up battling the rising cost of health care.
  • Future of HealthCare: Investing in cutting edge technology for diagnostics, various methods for sustained collection of data points in day to day life could save lives in the long term. With technology being such a large part of our day to day lives, healthcare experts can use the data to create predictive models ensuring lives are saved on a daily basis.
Our Expertise
  • Electronic Medical & Health records management.
  • Hospital Administration systems.
  • Legacy Migration.
  • Mobile Healthcare solutions.
  • Web Portals & Applications.
  • Clinic Management Systems.
  • Custom Solutions.
  • Technology Deployment & Maintenance.


The retail industry has been growing steadily over the years & with the advent of a bigger higher income bracket & expendable income, free market trade has contributed greatly to the growth of the industry. But the shot in the arm for the growth was the internet. It has opened up a new avenue for retailers to sell their wares & has helped create a completely new ecosystem for retail brands.

Opportunities in Retail
  • Unpredictablity: With a diverse range of options markets have become unpredictable for the retail sector. What is trending today can be tomorrow old news. Technological intervention with data modelling & analytics can help retail owners deal better with trends & cycles.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Shorter Product Cycles: Product cycles for the retail industry have been getting shorter & shorter by the year.
  • Customer conversion & retention rates in a crowded industry.
Our Expertise
  • E-commerce solutions.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Customer Loyalty & Rewards.
  • Inventory Management Solutions.
  • Legacy Migration & Porting.
  • Customised Solutions.


The high tech market used to be a niche area with limited players, however has been growing rapidly with fierce competition. This makes it an industry with lower margins, higher expenses & an undue pressure to one up the competition in terms of product life cycles & releases. It is a ripe time for innovation in the niche market of high technology itself & see how that could enables enterprises to become more efficient & profitable.

Opportunities in Hi-Tech
  • Process optimization.
  • Regulations & Compliance.
  • Supply Chain Mangement.
  • Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Data Security.
Our expertise
  • Product Lifecycle Management Solutions.
  • Supply Chain optimization.
  • Warehouse Management Services.
  • Cloud Solutions.
  • Compliance process optimization.
  • Legacy Migration & Porting.


The education industry is one of the biggest industries that has greatly benefited from technology innovation. It has made education more affordable, more accessible allowing it to reach more people globally & created a solid impact on individuals foundations. Educators are more connected & reachable than ever before & students have access to multiple options of learning 24×7. SRIUSA’s experience in working with leaders in the industry developing & customizing solutions has made us experts in providing solutions in this field.

Opportunities in Education
  • Inter-Institute collaboration.
  • Resource Management & Dissemination.
  • Utilization of modern media delivery in education (audio, video & digital spaces).
  • Data Digitization.
Our expertise
  • Virtual Classrooms & Webinars.
  • Web & Mobile Learning Applications.
  • Massive Open Online Course platforms (MOOCs).
  • Academic Administration platforms.
  • Student & Academic financial management solutions.
  • Multilingual educational systems.
  • Customised Solutions.