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Dynamic 365 Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines intelligent CRM and ERP business tools to help you manage your departments and business effectively through predictive, AI-driven insights. If properly integrated, it permits firms to validate customer and business data in a single place, measure that data across business operations, and implement a proactive strategy to stabilize business performance.

Over the years all the products are brought under the Dynamics umbrella. We have a long term relationship with Microsoft and worked with them throughout these changes and empowered clients to utilize the latest and best available tools in the market to support their business operations. We have a huge expertise in a complete range of Dynamics Areas. We dealt with MS Dynamics AX, GP, CRM, and Dynamics 365.

End to end services via Dynamic 365


Our experts can advise you on how to fine-tune Dynamics 365 apps to maximize their positive impact on your organization while avoiding over-customization. Dynamics 365 becomes a tool to address your business challenges in the hands of our specialists, from full client base management to marketing and sales automation to complicated performance reports.


Regardless of how strong Dynamics 365/CRM is, it must be customized to match your unique business needs. In this regard, we provide adaptable and scalable CRM solutions that assist your particular business operations and take into account your burgeoning clientele and sales crew.


When you are certain of the functionality that will best meet your business ’ needs and how it will do so, we can assist you in developing Dynamics 365 in your environment. This will be followed by user training to increase system adoption.


The CRM and other corporate software must frequently sync in order for sales management and customer interaction to be effective. We can assist you with integrating Dynamics 365 with your business systems so that your users can easily access all customer-related data they require without having to switch between applications.


We provide seamless migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the event that your legacy system seems unable to address your evolving CRM challenges. As part of the service, our CRM specialists will provide assistance on how to organize operations and foresee challenges in order to limit work disruption during migration.


We can assist you with making the shift to the most recent Microsoft CRM version effectively and with the minimal possibility of downtime if you want to use the latest Dynamics 365 features, such as cutting-edge analytics, customer and relationship health insights, or native interaction with Office 365.

Talk to us to assess your requirements with our Dynamics Expert.

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Industry Specific Microsoft Dynamic365 Applications

Here are some of the industry-specific Microsoft Dynamics CRM services we provide.


Enhance productivity and innovation with predictive intelligence and smart tools to close more deals in a changing environment.


Connect with customers at key moments to win their support and make every interaction count.

Supply Chain

Automate processes across departments in manufacturing operations and reduce inefficiencies and enhance productivity.

Perks of Dynamic365

The perks of Dynamics 365 helps in reaching organizational objectives and enhancing performance. Here are a handful of them.

Our Differentiators

Develop Single Data Source

You can embrace new technologies by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 services, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Integrating intelligent applications with the cloud’s flexibility enables you to automate business processes, consolidate data into a single source of truth, and make better decisions.

Grow Business Capabilities

The solution provides an intuitive user experience across devices, allowing enterprises to get started quickly. Dynamics 365 products have intelligence integrated into them that enables businesses to expand their solutions, automate complex processes, and act rapidly on new insights.

Data access from any Location

The ability to access data from any location is facilitated by a cloud-based solution for your staff. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM development enables you to store huge amounts of data, something that is not possible with an on-premise ERP solution. Data availability from anywhere at any time boosts productivity and enables your team to decide on important priorities more quickly.

Cost-Effective and Scalability

The affordability and scalability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 services are two factors contributing to their prominence. With this platform, there are no up-front charges for purchasing technology or software; instead, you just pay for what you use.

Dynamic365 ERP Solutions

Dynamic365 Finance

  • Budgeting
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Vendor Invoice Automation
  • Workbench Audit
  • Cash  & Bank Management

Dynamic 365 Supply Chain Management

  • Asset Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Vendor Collaboration
  • Enhanced Cost Allocation

Dynamic365 Project Operations

  • Project Sales Management
  • Project Invoice Proposal
  • Project Accounting
  • Resource Planning
  • Client Management

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