ConnectIT Challenge

Optimize your business processes and enhance operational efficiency with Oracle’s AI and ML capabilities in just 4 short weeks.

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Introducing the ConnectIT Challenge

A 4-week Proof of Concept designed to demonstrate your potential business benefits of utilizing Oracle’s AI/ML Apps Accelerator.

Connect operational data (Sensor/RFID/OCR) and Shopfloor (ERP/MES/ QMS) apps data

Cloud-OnPrem seamless collaboration

Automate workflows and PLM with Cognition

Unlock full potential  of  – IoT, Digital, AR/VR,

Indicative Use cases

Predective Maintainance
Predective Analysis
Warrenty Analytics
Intelligent Manufacturing
Inventory Management
SO&OP Issues and Adherence
Queue Detection
Supply Chain Optimization
Quality Control
Demand Forecasting
Price Optimization
Anomaly Detection

Why you should accept ConnectIT challenge?

Prepare your enterprise to

Address labour shortages, a global need

Implement AI-ML for process optimization and continuous innovation

Align with Industry 4.0.

Leverage homegrown data with automation.

Embrace digital manufacturing in a global supply chain.

ConnectIT Challenge – Results in < 4 Weeks

“Concerned that implementation might be too complex and take too long for tangible results?”

Oracle-SRI 4 Week approach coupled with Oracle OCI’s comprehensive  suite of AI and ML apps makes IT easy!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Identify Use Case and Data

We will work with you to identify a business opportunity to leverage your operational and transactional data to drive process optimization or operational efficiency with Oracle’s AI/ML Apps Accelerator.

Deep Data Dive

We will work with you to identify, import, transform and contextualize needed data into the AI/ML Apps Accelerator’s unified storage.  We will use AI/ML Apps Accelerator to uncover patterns, anomalies, correlations, predictors and more.

From Insights to Action

Equipped with data insights, we actively seek out opportunities with our clients. Tweaking our AI/ML models for optimal performance, we’re on the path to transformation!

Review Findings

Demonstrate to a broad audience of stakeholders; using actual customer data the improvement opportunities.

Accuracy Improvement           Process Optimization
Error Reduction                          Enable Automation

What are the outcomes at end of Week 4 ?

Holistically, AI drive business model with demonstrated value

Transformation your organisation into a data driven powerhouse

Productivity gain with AI led manufacturing run book

Process-map for optimisation and predictability

Schedule a Meeting

We Welcome you for a 30 mins intro with Rick Hassman, an Industry evangelist and Oracle Innovation hub architects


Brief about Manufacturing trends

Quick talk about your business – System of records, System of engagement and system of insights

AI practice at your business and current maturity

Solution overview and Engagement outcomes

Next steps