Level up your business in 4 weeks with our AI/ML challenge for maximum optimization

Introducing the ConnectIT Challenge

This edition of ConnectIT Challenge, powered by SRI and Oracle, is a four-week proof of concept designed to unlock the potential of AI and Machine Learning within businesses.

The manufacturing industry is grappling with multiple challenges, therefore, implementing process optimization and operational efficiency is more vital than ever. To assist businesses with their increasing challenges and drive optimization we are offering an exciting opportunity to leverage Oracle’s AI and ML Apps Accelerator to unlock the potential of your data.  Take the ConnectIT Challenge and we will demonstrate the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s comprehensive suite of AI/ML applications in just four short weeks.

ConnectIT Challenge – Results in < 4 Weeks

Week 1

Identify Use Case and Data

We will work with you to identify a business opportunity to leverage your operational and transactional data to drive process optimization or operational efficiency with Oracle’s AI/ML Apps Accelerator.

Week 2

Deep Data Dive

We will work with you to identify, import, transform and contextualize needed data into the AI/ML Apps Accelerator’s unified storage.  We will use AI/ML Apps Accelerator to uncover patterns, anomalies, correlations, predictors and more.

Week 3

From Insights to Action

Equipped with data insights, we actively seek out opportunities with our clients. Tweaking our AI/ML models for optimal performance, we’re on the path to transformation!

Week 4

Review Findings

Demonstrate to a broad audience of stakeholders; using actual customer data the improvement opportunities.

Accuracy Improvement           Process Optimization
Error Reduction                          Enable Automation

Transform Your Business with the Connect-IT Challenge in 4 weeks

ConnectIT Challenge – Common Use Cases

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