BoT Development

Digital Assistant for Enterprises

Web revolution has given a chance for everyone to play the game. Having a web address has become a minimum requirement for every business. With the behavioral change of consumers, the way they seek information has changed drastically. To make business more interactive you need digital assistance which can give required information based on the questions asked by visitors. Strategic Resources International will utilize the knowledge it has captured about your business and build a custom chatbot to increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers.


BoT can help 

Drive user engagement

Qualify leads

Generate sales pipeline

Improve customer support

Our BoT services include


Roadmap Development

BoT design & development



Our BoT services include

Telegram BOT

Facebook BOT

Facebook BOT

Slack BOT

Azure Bot Service

Amazon Lex





IBM Watson

Zoho Sales iq


Get your own digital assistant to keep your business running 24×7. Talk to us to enable your digital assistant today.