App Product License

We take you extra mile

SRI has worked with technology leaders at the root level where we involved in co-creating the products to provide innovative solutions to the users. During this process, we have created a strong relation which helped us to work in every aspect of the business of technology leaders. Along with providing their solutions and customized services to get the best out of their products, we are privileged to provide the application licenses at the best price to our esteemed clients. Working with SRI helps you to gain an advantage in every aspect of the project.

SRI has the privilege to provide licenses across all the Oracle products and our relationship with Oracle plays a major role to get the best price for licenses to our clients.

SRI is a premier preferred partner for Zoho and helped several customers to automate these business processes with customized workflows and next-generation tools. We have the privilege to provide Zoho licenses to our clients at the best price and our involvement with Zoho enables us to deliver comprehensive solutions.

If you are still utilizing the legacy systems, you are forcing your business to incur losses. IT IS TIME TO UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM. Speak with us to expedite!