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Strategic Resources International, Inc. offers a range of security services through its cybersecurity unit – EthicalHat Cyber Security.



Digital Transformation Begins Here

Reinvent your business processes with the power of digital technology and discover endless possibilities

Confidence Of Legacy, Power Of Innovation

Embrace time-tested expertise that has evolved alongside the digital industry itself, and an ideology that is just as revolutionary

People-Centric Approach

Improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction with limitless opportunities for a collaborative, consistent and forward-looking culture

What do we do?

Digital Transformation

Strategic Resources International works closely with your business managers to identify process pain-points causing business lethargy and custom-design software solution packages to enhance productivity.

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Who we are ?

Strategic Resources International, Inc. is a digital innovation company, delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to enterprises across the world. Our disruptive technological products and services help companies discover the power of technology and optimize their IT processes, and thereby concentrate their internal capabilities on core-work to improve productivity and profitability.


Our Clients


Zoho Remotely can change the way of Home Office

Until the COVID-19 has been managed, we're ready to make this move rapidly, to some extent, in light of the fact that set-up of applications needs to be structured, explicitly, to help and encourage remote cooperation. Since an ever-increasing number of organizations...

Working Remote is no longer a hassle. Zoho People can assist you with continuous business.

To maintain a prosperous business, each business wants to realize their workers like the rear of their hand. Dealing with your worker's performance, leave, time, information, and presence isn't troublesome any longer. Zoho People is a HR Management tool which can...

MEAN Stack Application Development

MEAN Stack has been named as the most recent advance in the realm of technology today. Being the cutting edge combination of application advancement with full-stack JS, we deliver value with the most suitable blend of development and innovation, to accumulate ideal...

Instructions to Reduce Risk and Improve Governance in Cloud Applications

The rapid ascent in the number and modernity of cyber-attacks lately has driven numerous associations to organize information security and protection during a time of data administration guideline. Truth be told, digital episodes bested the rundown of dangers to...

Basic Considerations for Digital Transformation

The strategy for Digital Transformation is definitely not another business idea. Actually, it is a procedure that has been basic to the development of organizations. A key process of arranged authoritative and operational change that is driven by dangers, hazard,...

How Total Cost Ownership can be lowered using Oracle Exadata?

At the point when organizations hope to move their databases to the cloud they frequently consider the capital cost they will stay away from by not buying equipment. In any case, there are much more reserve funds to be found. Boost Productivity through Automation...

Business Continuity with ZOHO Suite of Applications

As indicated by "World Economic Forum", we have seen the symbolic fiscal effect of the coronavirus (COVID – 19) on financial markets and susceptible enterprises, for example, manufacturing, the travel industry, hospitality, and so forth. Travel and the tourism...


The episode of COVID 19 features breaks in worldwide trust, the entanglements of worldwide interdependency and the test for worldwide governance. Pestilences are both an independent business hazard and an intensifier of existing patterns and vulnerabilities....

Zoho One – Uniting Zoho’s Apps

Zoho is confining Zoho One as a complete operating system for business. The thought of an OS is somewhat of a misnomer as it's not really an OS, however the thought behind it makes them foot in the profound customization and the management capacities you get with the...

Zoho One – Complete Solution for any Business Sector.

Zoho One offers all of you the applications you have to gain and serve clients (showcasing, deals, web and support applications); run tasks (account, recruiting, and related HR applications); and give every one of the tools to your representatives to work...